Hi, welcome to my website! I am a passionate artist, illustrator and graphic designer. I create custom art for clients world wide. My specialty is digital hand painted portraits and 'Happy Watercolors'. I also make illustrations and graphic designs such as logos for businesses. Read more... 


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Wendy's Watercolors. A mixture of reality and my own interpretation with the purpose to bring happiness. If you like to have a custom watercolor of your home, favorite place, or precious memory send a message. Updated Happy Art Tea Box December 30See more art works...

Digital pet portraits. Painted with pen and tablet. They have similar visual effects as traditional medium like oil and acrylic brush strokes, airbrush and pastels. The artwork is send as jpgl file to your email that can be used to get printed on canvas or paper in the size of your preference. Looks great as larger print on your wall or a cute small table top size for on your desk! 

Graphic design. I combine artistic skills with graphic design to create logos and illustrations for businesses.