• Dog portraits in different materials

    8 juli 2019

    This is a collage of dog portraits I made with different materials.

    1. OIL PAINT on canvas: This is a 8 x 10 oil painting, I used classic oil paints. Oil paint dries very slow, is smooth and most perfect for blending colors. It allows to work finely, detailed and realistic. I love working with this material. Very costly.

    2. DIGITAL hand painted with art pen and tablet on computer. This method allows me to hand sketch and paint the same way as I do the traditional way. It simulates the visual characteristics of oil paint, acrylics brush strokes, airbrush and pastels with out the material cost or drying time. I can work very finely or rough. I send these to my customers as jpg.file and they get the portrait printed on canvas. Since I can eliminate the high material cost and time I can offer this option very affordable. Look at examples here

    3. ACRYLIC PAINT on canvas. This paint allows me to work with big quick brush strokes or more finely, it blends nice and dries quick. The paint and brush strokes lay thick on the canvas. I love working expressionistic / impressionistic with this, I like to combine this with air brush and some oil paint for finer details.

    4. OIL PASTELS on canvas or paper. The oil pastel is blunt and smudgy, nice to work more roughly and impressionistic, it has a happy colorful and playful touch.

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